Welcome to the White Tower.

Historically an order of Knights that was destroyed in mysterious circumstances many years ago, the refounded Tower has far surpassed its ancient history to become one of the most active and influential guilds in Bereny.

You can find the official guild benefits and services in Membership Benefits, but the White Tower offers much more than guild items — we offer exploration and roleplay opportunities, advice on developing your characters, a built-in rank system for promotions within the guild, equipment upgrades when needed, enjoyable missions in good company, and much more.

We have close ties with a number of other guilds and many joint missions and ventures. Of particular note at this time, we share many of the concerns of the Dei Vigilare about the undead menace to Bereny, and we are involved in a joint venture with the IGW to establish a Library for the benefit of all Bereny.

The White Tower are engaged in a number of missions in the Underworld with the broad aim of claiming the whole territory for Bereny. You can find out more about the Underworld campaign here.

We are also very active in Frontier, and we were the first guild able to sign up members based there. Just let us know when you sign up if your character is in the Frontier or anywhere else outside Bereny.

You can find out more about the original tower and even explore it from the foundations in Swinderlog Hole to the Underworld – see Tower Excavations for more details.

If you are ready to sign up please go to Join the White Tower to find out where to submit your application.