Welcome to the IGW Guild Site

Welcome to the IGW Guildhall. You are standing before a dark red brick building. All around the roof there are magical runes of power and the whole structure glows with an eerie green light. This, then, is a guildhouses of the I.G.W. — the Independent Guild of Wizards. From inside I hear a bang… like something exploding… a cloud of black smoke issues forth from the chimney.

I knocked on the door of the I.G.W Guildhouse and waited a while. A glowing rune illuminated on the door and it swung open with a low creak. Inside, the area was lit by candles and there was a smell of chemicals in the air. I stepped inside. Nobody appeared to greet me, but a low voice began to whisper from the darkness.

“Welcome to the Independent Guild of Wizards. We are a group of like-minded spellcasters working together for a common goal. If you want to know more you have to join. Our secrets are for members only. We currently welcome any adventurer who can cast spell scrolls or parchments.“

“When you join us you gain many advantages. The ability to purchase Study Books at low rates. The ability to purchase teleportation to other Dungeons and places in the Land, also at very low rates. We have scrolls of great power which members only can buy. We have an information pool available only to members and we offer assistance in times of great need. We are not a warlike guild. We exist to help in the furthering of knowledge in matters arcane.“

As soon as you are accepted as a full member of the IGW you are granted a magical Torc which grants additional max health points and which increases in power as you gain rank in our guild. We also give you a new spell scroll, strength drain, developed by our own members and only available to Guild members.