Way of the Five Paths – A Dungeonworld Guild


This is the website for the Dungeonworld guild Way of the Five Paths. Please take a look around and if you’re ready to join, just click on the ‘Join the Guild’ link for details!

“I took a few steps South into the Five Paths Guildhall. I looked up at the huge building that stood before me, made entirely from dark granite it looked strong enough to stand there forever! Although virtually featureless, the dark double-doors had a symbol above them, the number ‘5’ with a crown above it… the symbol of the five paths guild! I have heard of them, once a group of fanatics who supported a Demon King, now a change group of virtuous souls who wish to repair the damage done by their predecessors. The Five Paths offer a healing service to their members. It costs 5 gps and heals 6 points of damage. While standing on the guild house square issue the order ‘L 3’ to purchase this service. To find out more about the alliance use the order ‘L 2’ while standing on the guild house square. Members can enter the Guild-House special rooms by using the order ‘L 10’ while standing on the Guild house square.”