Dei Vigilare
A Dungeonworld Guild


Welcome to the home of the Dei Vigilare.

Bringing the life of the Gods’ Light to the people of this world, and delivering the darkness of death to the unrepentant infidel and his kin.

“Know this: That the Dei Vigilare’s banner shall be raised in the name of the Gods once again when the Twilight War is joined anew. By the Words of the Gods are the Dei Vigilare instructed, and they command that sword and fire be used to judge the heretic, the infidel and the unholy, and they shall be found wanting. So shall blood and flame, reaped by the pure and vigilant, cleanse the myriad when the Words of the Gods are once again heard and the banner of the Dei Vigilare is unfurled once more.”

So said the Princeps Pius, the first and holiest of the Dei Vigilare, in the times of the battles of Lionel of Tredach against the beasts of Chaos, during the first saga of the Twilight War.